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I'm going to make some picture frames out of driftwood to display some of my darkroom prints. The driftwood comes from the sea. The prints will be mounted on mount board and with overmat to make it quite archival safe.

So before I make the frames..
I wonder if there is anybody with advices regarding if the wood needs some kind of chemical treatment or if it's enough just to wash it with fresh water and maybe soap? I want to make the frame as "archival safe" as I can with that kind of wood. The print will not be in contact with the frame, but the mounting board will.
I'd be a little cautious if you have to cut the wood. There often is sand embedded in the wood grains and it can raise hell with even a carbide blade.

Washing the wood couldn't hurt, as long as this doesn't take away from the look you are trying to achieve.

As for the archival treatment you may want to line the rabbet with "aluminum duct tape" from the hardware store. This will effectively seal the wood from the mat and mounting board.