At the liquor stores around here (New England) many craft breweries are now selling "growlers" of ale- 1/2 gallon brown glass bottles with seriously good beer inside! After living in England a while as a young man I found getting used to American "fizzy" beer on my return a chore- became a wino instead. The ales I found sold in growlers are much more like beer pulled from the barrel- a good head and lots of taste, but fewer burps per pint. On telling papagene at the last beach party that there was a $1.50 deposit on the bottle, he said that he would gladly pay that for such a good darkroom container! I don't return many.

New favorite: Dirty Penny Ale, from the Burnside Brewing Company of East Hartford, CT. They say they were the first brewery in America- many time sold and out of business for decades. Like all such claims, this should be taken with a ... well, a glass of ale.