To clarify, small-EST doesn't matter. Small may matter, but if say, the Komica F72 and a half was

"The world's smallest EVER 35mm SLR, measuring 1/10oz LESS than our competitors!"

Would you rush out to buy it? Woo hoo! Look at me, I got THE SMALLEST 35mm SLR Ever!!! All I'm saying is any of the small SLRs are small, and the smallest isn't a selling point. That extra 1/10oz don't mean diddly. Or does it?

"Man, that bear wouldn't have caught him if he had been carrying the Komica F72 and a half. That extra 2/10oz did him in."

When I want a lightweight camera I take my N75. It's probably not THE smallest. But small. And like everyone has mentioned, you do need a lens on the camera. So small loses even more relevance.