In general many camera stores have given up selling used cameras because the market has been drying up and they do not want to carry inventory that does not move. Rather than compete with eBay and, they would rather sell all their used inventory in regular sweeps by KEH so that they can free up their money. Besides, they cannot competitively compete, so they do not.

The reason I bring this up is to provide a reference frame for what follows.

I used to buy my used equipment from Bel Air camera in Westwood [West Los Angeles] and I would get very good Hasselblad prices. They have pretty much stopped selling used equipment with holding on to a small selection of cameras. Bel Air pointed me to KEH and Samys.

Samys Camera on Fairfax [431 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036, Tel: 323-938-2420] maintains a good collection of used 35mm, MF and LF cameras. The MF and LF used cameras are on the fourth floor and the used 35mm cameras are on the third floor. Before they price a camera, they look at what they paid for that camera, the condition and the KEH price for the camera at the same condition. I have found their prices to be competitive with KEH and have the advantage that I can handle the camera or lenses. They also will back their equipment if a problem arises. They also have very competent repair people at that location.

When I have bought any Hasselblad equipment from them, they have Mike, the factory trained Hasselblad repairman, inspect the camera or lens. He will make any necessary adjustments then. One time he told the management and me that a particular lens had problems that were not worth dealing with and the lens was removed from selling. They then found a better quality lens of the same type that was more expensive. Since I had spend a fair amount of time there, after Mike had inspected and approved that lens, they sold me that lens at the price agreed to on the first lens.

The first two places that I look to buy used equipment are Samys and KEH.