This is true. Many of the film suggestions have been good so far, but for night photography, particularly with long exposures and/or very high contrast lighting (example, dark shadows and streetlights in the same image), exposure and processing control are as important as film choice, perhaps more important. The good news is that most of today's general purpose films, such as those listed in this thread, are capable of recording a fairly long luminance range. It then comes down to how you expose and process.

My two cents on film choice, balancing all the variables and keeping in mind you are shooting 35mm and trying to keep it simple for starters, would be TMAX 400 (TMY2). Good speed, extremely fine grain, long scale, good reciprocity characteristics, versatile, flexible.

If you're using a tripod with stationary subjects, you could use a slower film. If you're shooting handheld and need more speed you can try pushing TMAX400, or going with a faster film like Delta or TMAX 3200.

Try to keep it simple.