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I would avoid the Minolta SR/SRT series. These cameras use a fragile thread to connect the aperture ring to the cameras built in meter. The thread passes over several pulleys. Should it break the camera is useless and repair costs more than the camera. I was given one and was shocked by this poor design.
Many cameras do use pulleys and thread. In fact the Nikon FM uses pulley and thread to set the shutter speed. However, if the meter on the SRT goes dead it's small lost as I have used serveral SRT and although the meters are ok I never use the meter. Just estimate the exposure, Worked very well.[/QUOTE]

I heavily used Minolta SRTs starting with the SR-7 for forty years and I never had a problem with the cables. I did send every one of those cameras in for a CLA every year or two, just as I would with any other camera. The cameras never came back with comments about the cables or any cable problem. I would not have a problem buying and heavily using a Minolta, Canon or Nikon camera.