I have thought of trying to make some way to cut the tail end of the film to fit into that slot on the reloadable cassettes but, on the few occasions when I use factory loaded film which is attached like that, I hate it. I always end up pushing and pulling and twisting the film until it breaks off, leaving a mangled end which I have to cut off with scissors anyway.

Instead, I just use black gaffer's tape to attach the film to the spool.

It might be neat to have a gadget to cut the film the right way to fit into the slot. I might like to try it. I'm always interested in gadgets.

I have one of those two-handled film cassette openers, made by Honewell but I often end up just using a church key.

A new gadget to attach the film to the spool would be another neat thing to add to my collection but I'd probably just go back to using gaffer's tape again.

The thing that I would really like to have is an inexpensive film cutter like the ones on 35 mm. film splicers used in movie theaters. When properly cared for, they always cut the film quickly, cleanly and exactly half way between two sprocket holes.

I've thought about bringing my film splicer home from work but, then, I'd have to haul it back and forth all the time. I know I could buy another film splicer but I don't want to spend the money for a whole splicer just to use the cutter.

A relatively cheap, purpose-made film cutter would be nice to have.