I own a 50mm Nikkor f1.4 AIS. I had begun to test this lens today to see just how sharp it is at f1.4, when I came across something interesting. I was using a chart and shooting at it from an angle so as to get only one line in focus and then zoom in on the digital image and check its sharpness. When I focused on a point (I did this MANY times, tripod and not) the focused area in the image was always closer to me than where I focused ( I have better than perfect, around 20/16 vision). I am confused now, because if the lens is focusing to my vision, which in the viewfinder should be aligned with the focal plane where the sensor or film sits, should not any error be corrected when I focus? I tested my other lens the 28mm f2.8 AIS as well and found that exactly the line I focus on was the only thing in focus all the way open. I narrowed the problem down to this particular lens. What is going on?