This is one of those questions where everyone will give you a different answer based on their own experience and preference. So here is mine: I have a number of Nikon bodies. I think the smallest and lightest regardless of manual or auto focus is my F75 (N75 in the US) which is not bad considering that it contains a motor for "screw drive" auto focus. For light weight and size it matches the FM10 which is manual focus only. I think that the lightest and smallest auto focus lens I have is the 50/1.8 AF-D, although I also have a Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 which is even smaller and lighter and which I prefer to use on the F75 for its lightness, compactness and its slightly wide angle of view. However that lens is a bit of a hybrid design: it has the electronic bits to support matrix metering and changing aperture by the thumb wheel on the body, but it is manual focus. I have had the F75 since new in 2004, which was just about the end of its model run and it has been completely reliable in spite of being nearly 100% plastic construction.