G'day All,

Sorry for the silence from my end, moving house has left us with no internet!

I've had a few hassles with my prints, the main one being that we got a last-minute opportunity to attend 'sleep school' that we just couldn't pass up (our little fella is still having a bit of trouble adjusting to the outside world), which meant we were in the residential program for the whole of last week... very helpful experience, but frustrating when there were so many things back home I wanted to be getting on with!

Just have to give my prints a final spotting (tonight, promise!), then they'll be in the post, or, hopefully, hand delivered over the weekend. I was also waiting on some bleach from Vanbar, but after telling me they could get it to the Carlton store by the following morning, when I went to pick it up they told me it would be 'another couple weeks, at least', so I've had to make-do with stuff I had on hand... hopefully the prints are still passable :P

I'll be in touch with the boss as to whether my prints are going by post or by hand, sorry for the delay guys!