RB, I see exactly what you wanted to accomplish with this lovely photo. Reminds me why I need to get my 6x6 equipment out more often. It has been killing me though about her hand.....as said, those very long and only four fingers are really drawing my attention....and the sad part is, I am not sure of how to best handle that if I even saw it in the first place. Maybe rotate the hand clockwise to show the whole hand? Have her lightly pressing her hand on her clothing to get away from those long fingers just hanging there?

I thought about how lovely just a face shot or close up would be of her, but then the staircase would be half way up her back with perfectly creamy background to show off her face.

All that said, when I first just "looked" at the photo, I loved it. Your model is beautiful, I love the square format, and the black and white just screams emotion to me. GREAT job!!

Bob E.