2 years ago I was very surprised to find a new film (new for me...), the apx 100 and 400, available for sale, in grey packaging for both speeds.

I fell in love right away.

Unfortunately I could not shoot for 2 years (life can be cruel that way...) and, lo and behold, no apx any more!

To be precise: apx 100 is still sold, but only by fotoimpex. apx 400 is dead and fotoimpex/adox says we will make it again, under a different name.

To confuse matters further, macodirect sells an "apx equivalent".

Can somebody be kind enough to tell me:

- what film is really the same of the apx 100 and 400 that I bought in the grey boxes

- how long the apx 100 in the grey boxes will still be around, now that they have discontinued the apx 400

- how "equivalent" are the macodirect ones.

- how long we can hope all of these things to be around

Many thanks.