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Leitz used to make a little template gadget to trim films, one end for the camera leader and the other to fit the Leitz brass cassettes. The order code was "ABLON". See http://photo.net/leica-rangefinders-forum/00Qy2A
Testrite also made such a gadget. I bought one but never use it as it is rather a bother. They are really only needed for certain Leica bodies that do not have a removeable back. Perhaps also for some russian Leica copies. In a matter of seconds you can cut a leader with a pair of scissors. For most cameras it doesn't need to have the Leica shape and can be much shorter.

I don't bother to try and fit the slot in some cassette spools. You also would need a punch to make the hole. I just tape the film onto the spool like non-slotted ones.