But the APX in the grey boxes is not the same at all!

It depends on the type of logo which is used on the boxes. As long as the box and the catridge are marked with an orange-red rhomb you have original Agfa Leverkusen films produced AND packed before 2005 closure.

After that time only the "Agfaphoto" text in association with the 'red seonsor dot' is used this licensed by Agfa Holding (just check a new grey box, if you have one available). From this time on the film produced in 2005 was and still is packed from a company different to AGFA Leverkusen, and to my point of view it does not meet the quality AGFA with the rhomb has delivered all the years. I have an Idea where the are packed into cartridges but I don't want to start rumors at all.

According to several statements in different german fora MACO has purchased its stocked material (which is sold as "RETRO 100") before the closure of Leverkusen plant.

Here in Germany you can get APX100 with sensor dot at some durgstores (DM as an example) and at mail order comapnies (I mean the 'usual suspects'). I bought my last box from Fotoimpex at Berlin at the bginning of 2011. But it might be easy to check, wehre these films are still available.

For me APX100 ist a still great film and I regret that the 120 version is not available any more.