My rolls of CN200 (a colour negative) have a label with written "made by Agfa Belgium", Agfa is written with the red rhombus. "Produce and license holder Maco Photo Products". I suppose that Agfa "Belgium" still manufactures films for Maco. Maco runs the enterprise, Agfa acts as a "mere" manufacturer. That might be the case for APX film.

Agfa Belgium might continue to manufacture it for Maco, presumably with the same recipe, the same coating machine, and so to speak the same personnel as before, just as they manufacture CN200 for Maco.

The Agfa demise, with various splits, failures etc. make for very complicated right claims about Agfa trademarks. See the confusion concerning Rodinal, which is available with an identical formula (if I get it right) under a different name, and maybe under the same name but with another formula.

So there might be a film which really is APX100 even though branded in a different way, and there might be a film which is branded APX100 but it is a different product.

For what I gather we have:

Agfa-Gevaert, aka Agfa Belgium, which has the rhombus as trademark. site: They manufacture film for Maco; They claim in their site that they have nothing to do with AgfaPhoto.

FAQ n. 11:

What is the relationship between the Agfa-Gevaert Group and AgfaPhoto?
Agfa-Gevaert sold its worldwide “Consumer Imaging” business group in 2004 to the AgfaPhoto group of companies (not affiliated with Agfa-Gevaert). In connection with that sale, a Trademark License Agreement, dated November 2, 2004, was entered into between Agfa-Gevaert NV and Agfa-Gevaert NV & Co. KG, as Licensors, and AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, as Licensee, giving AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, a German company having its registered office in Cologne, Germany, the right to use and to sublicense the trademark “AgfaPhoto” for products having a photographic application, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Trademark License Agreement. Agfa-Gevaert declines any liability whatsoever with respect to or in connection with any “AgfaPhoto”-product. Agfa-Gevaert does not manufacture, market, distribute or sell any “AgfaPhoto”-products. Agfa-Gevaert does not provide any service, any support or any product warranty with respect to any “AgfaPhoto”-product. Any request for support or information regarding “AgfaPhoto”-products should be addressed to AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH,

(underlining is mine)

AgfaPhoto, a German firm, unrelated to Agfa-Gevaert. site: They have the "red dot" as trademark. They list APX100 and APX400, and Precisa film. I have no idea who manufacture those, but I assume it's not Agfa-Gevaert as per the above quotation. In the specification sheets, AgfaPhoto say "AGFA [rhombus] is used under license from Agfa-Gevaert AG" but was not updated since 2003 (perhaps not by chance). The technical characteristics of film are updated to 1994 and imply manufacturing by Agfa-Gevaert AG, but at that time AgfaPhoto did not exist.

So Agfa-Gevaert APX100 is probably not any more around under that brand, but can be around as a film produced by Agfa-Gevaert and sold by Maco, just like CN200. AgfaPhoto APX100 is around but it is not produced by Agfa-Gevaert.