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I have never tried the this version because you have to add water to dissolve the metol. I believe that this compromises the keeping quality of the concentrate. I prefer to use phenidone or Dimezone S.

High fog levels could be from some contaminate or the developer being more active than it should be. Are all the chemicals pure or photograde"
All of the chemicals were purchased from Artcraft and are fresh. I don't have any reason think that there is a problem there, especially since I have obtained good results with the main ingredients (from the same jars) in other developers - the catechol in Pyrocat-HD and the metol in Pyrocat-M. One thing not mentioned previously is that the spent MC from the TMY-2 development is consistently a very deep lavender color. I didn't get that with the TMY-2 in either the HD or M.

I'm ready to move on from this developer, chalking this one up to the vagaries of chemistry. Since I have obtained good results with both FP4+ and TMY-2 in Pyrocat-HD, I think I will stick with that developer for now. Thanks for everyone's input.