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What do you do with a flat scene where there are no Z2 values? I've been encountering this a lot lately.
Semi-Stand baby! No question!

The print you like so much of mine was exposed with only three zones of tonality registering on the meter. Exposed lowest reading on Z 3 and let the the SS do the rest. Those negs were the first I'd ever developed that way, I exposed JC 200 @ 200, a 1:175 ratio of Pyrocat HD, an educated guess that worked perfectly and I went with a 60 minute total time in solution with one agitation cycle @ 30 M.

BTW, the photog you mention, he actually saw those negs in person and to put it mildly was dumbstruck, you know the quote of his in the View Camera article.

You don't suppose, nah, couldn't be, you think he made an adjustment after seeing my negs and prints?

Next Friday, first Friday in Louisville, will miss ya, but will have one / two in your honor.