I’ve received card(s) from 12 people so far in this 23rd exchange (plus my own):

ccross - “Paper Negative Swirl” - nice use of a paper negative to show movement
Dave Martiny - “Untitled” (coils) - moody and evocative
drpsilver - “St Paul’s, Salt Spring Is.” - always nice to see a visitor’s take on what is not far from my own neighbourhood - an interesting old church and a very nice print
George Nova Scotia - “Cold Steel” - it almost feels cold to touch it!
hpulley - “A bit young for coffee” - interesting old time colour that fits well with the subject
Mike Wilde - “Stage and Shanty”, “Overcast Spring Day Walk” & “Queen Anne’s Lunch” - Mike’s ‘three for the price of one’ submissions are always intriguing, if only because they showcase such a variety of old papers. My favourite this time is “Overcast Spring Day Walk” because of the gorgeous image tone
mooseontheloose - “Tiger’s Nest Monastery” - fantastic image, in all meanings of the word
Roger Thoms - “Yard Office” - a very nice print and an interesting vignette
rst - “Torches in Heidelberg” - like the image, and also like the image colour in the print
semeuse - “House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar” - the colour from the cross processing adds to the windswept look
Trond - “Beach” - I like the beach details - if only the recent events in Norway didn’t make the card seem much more eerie and sad
Valerie - “Through the Gift Shop” - this card (and car) definitely made me smile

12 down, 16 to go

Thanks to everyone for participating.