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Something bothers me about the set screw suggestion - if the focusing ring was out of position, it would display an incorrect distance, but the problem isn't the distance displayed vs the real distance, it's that when the image is focused on the ground glass in the pentaprism, it isn't focused on the film. Moving the focus ring will change the indicated distance, but won't affect the GG / film plane problem. Am I missing something?

What model is the camera?
First camera was a dig*, second was an F3.
Thinking(?) about it you may very well be correct.

I understand the problem to be>In focus through VF, oof at film. The indicated distance isn't a problem. The test he's doing is at close distance.
I think I would verify that infinity focus is accurate first. focus at film plane, then check VF. If they DISAGREE, adjust the focusing ring.

FWIW Practical infinity is around a block away, theoretical is 500 or 1000 times the focal length. top of an antenna/water tower, high building etc.

I'm wondering if it's a problem with the error on the electric camera and shimming of some sort. I understand there are a lot of the Voigtlander and FSU lenses that need to be shimmed to focus properly on those things.