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I just bought a Hasselblad 501CM with an 80mm CB lens. I've noticed that when I hit the shutter release button the shutter closes quickly, then opens for the normal exposure time, and closes again. I never paid attention to my 80mm CF when I tripped the shutter, but this just doesn't seem right. Am I wrong, and is this normal? I bought the camera from someone who hardly used it (and was the original ownder) so I'm thinking (and hoping!) that this might be normal. Thanks in advance.
I must be missing something .. This is the first time I've heard of a "CB" lens... could be, but ... Are you sure of that model?

Anyway... In the "C .." lenses - with between-the-lens shutters, the shutter *must* first close before anything else happens; if it did not, light would reach the film during some of the necessary activity - diaphragm closing, mirror swinging out of the way, rear film plane "vanes" in the process of swinging out of the way.

This initial shutter closing, is in all my "CF" lenses, *very rapid* ... faster than the eye can perceive the motion.
To see what happens, in the 500 series 'Blads, directly under the boss on the right side, where the winding knob is mounted, there is a "mirror release" latch. If this latch is "lifted" with a cocked shutter, the shutter will close, the mirror will retract and the rear vanes open, but the shutter will not reopen for the exposure (a feature to be used to eliminate mirror, etc., shock in critical exposures). Try it with the lens mounted and the back removed. It should happen*VERY* quickly .. If it does not, the shutter is sluggish,and probably in need of cleaning, and timing.

After using this mirror release, the shutter release button must be pressed to activate the shutter, and complete the exposure, before anything else can happen.