At the urging of my wife I made and have a website for my photography. Photography is not my source of income but I have made a decent number of sales although not through the website. It is a good way to share what you do with others. it was a challenge to learn the process and to edit and select the content. There is satisfaction in the accomplishment and to see that others visit the site (over 6000 in this year) I used Rapid Weaver software and the host is Fat Cow. The yearly hosting and domain name fees are quite reasonable and you never know who may visit and what it may lead to. I think that anyone purchasing an art piece from an artist they are not really familiar with would want to see the actual work. I don't know if others make any significant sales through the web.

In case any one wants to visit my site your visit is welcome and appreciated. There is a contact page if you are so inclined to give any feedback.