Diapositivo: I did it all myself, without any tutoring. I've merely been reading and watching YouTube videos on printing. Of course I'm not proficient yet and still feeling my way around. I chose a negative; sized and focused it on the easel using a #2 filter; used scrap cardboard to expose the paper at 4-second intervals; developed the paper; chose the best exposure time and changed to a #1 filter for less contrast in this case. Then going back to the enlarger, I exposed a full sheet of paper for the chosen time and developed it. Success! I haven't tried dodging and burning yet.

Bill: The house in which I've set up my darkroom is a house directly across the street from ours, in terrible condition. The lady who lived there grew up in the house, and her son and sister both live many states away -- too far to have any interest in the property. They sold the house to us a few years ago when the lady died of emphysema, only in her fifties: animal rescue had to be summoned because she had something like thirty cats and dogs in the house and she wasn't a good caretaker of them. The hardwood floors were nasty and scratched, the ductwork grilles were corroded from urine, etc. - you get the picture. We've cleaned the floors somewhat and primed the walls, which has reduced the odor in the house greatly but it still needs lots of work.