Gerold , lets talk a bit about the stain.

My testing without the stain showed very grainy negs, In fact that is why I referenced Avedon series earlier in this thread. I worked with a photographer and used pyro with no stain and the look is good.

I have used the non used developer after bath, but side by side I did not see any benifits. at the time

I am and old dog but I am willing to learn new tricks, in fact Steve Sherman and Sandy King would be my go to people if I want to start experimenting again.

One thing I should say, I am not bullshitting about the amount of pyro film I have printed and I firmly believe if something is not broke , don't try to fix it.

I wish a few experts on this thread , would explain the tannin effect of a pyro based developer, which all along I have been saying is the most exceptional property of a pyro developer over lets say Xtol , which is the basis of this thread the OP started.

BTW I am blushing that you think I am intelligent, you are the first person in the world to describe me as this.