Amazed that this issue is still so confusing. Agfa-Geveart used to make film at both Leverkusen Germany, and in Belgum. They sold their "consumer business" to a start up and licenced the AGFA Photo name. AgfaPhoto made a large quanity of film, and then sold the German coating plant for the underlying real estate, The Plant was demolished and is no more. Various firms bought some of the equipment, (Including ILFORDS new packaging line.)

AgfaPhoto went bankrupt and the rights to various products were auctioned off. Agfa Gevaert tried to get the rights to the AgfaPhoto name back but where unsuccessful, hence the rather cold explanation on their web site.

There was a lot of APX film, mostly in unlabeled bulk rolls at the time Agfa Photo went under. It was sold under several brands, Maco Photo sold it as their RETRO brand.

Maco also buys various "commercial FIlms" made by Agfa Geveart, Noostly intended for Aerial Photography, and packages then for still photography. Agfa Geveart only makes Film on an Polyester base, and their Colour negative films do not have any Mask (no orange colour) Some of the Black and white films have more red (and Infrared) sensitivity than regular films.

Another German firm has said that they will make a "replacement" for APX, but the list of "Improvements" they claim means that they are unlikly to make anything that is similar.

I am down to a dozzen rolls which will likly be gone before the end of the yaer.