Foma film

Just finished shooting up a roll of Foma 100 in the calumet rollback for my Busch 4x5í Processed in Rodinal 1:50 The sharpness blew me away. Now I remember why I loved those old Raptars on our Speed Graphics! We would describe sharpness as so sharp you could cut your self on it . The only thing about Foma is besides the glue on the sealing wrapper which sucks, is the tendency of roll film to walk off the reel if the lead edge is not secured by the clamp in the center of the reel It has happened twice. I open the lid of the tank to check fixing and the film is all lined against the side of the tank. Perfectly developed and fixed no mottle or uneven development just not in the reel. Only film I have ever had that happen with. Guess Iíll have to start anchoring the film in the center of the reel..