Some further information.

The firm which went bankrupt in May 2005 is AgfaPhoto GmbH. AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH is a "normally alive and kicking" firm in Leverkusen.

In their site they claim "AgfaPhoto is used under license of Agfa-Gevaert NV & Co. KG or Agfa-Gevaert NV" which means, I suppose, that sooner or later the AgfaPhoto license will expire and it will come back to Agfa-Gevaert. Unless AgfaPhoto can claim some sort of "perpetual" license

As an added information, chemicals for film treatment are sold under the brand AgfaPhoto. They are produced according to original AGFA recipes by Connect Chemicals Productions & Services GmbH, which took over the former AGFA plant in Vaihingen in January 2008.

That means there is another European chemistry producers most of us are unaware of. They might sell products for minilabs only, though.
They quote a site which in fact redirects to this site:
That seems quite "minilab-oriented". I wish them well.

This generally begs the question:

The APX film we see branded AgfaPhoto, is the old film produced by AgfaPhoto GmbH before failure announced in May 2005, or is it some re-branded film produced by somebody else? (We already know it cannot be Agfa-Gevaert anyway).

AgfaPhoto GmbH went bankrupt in May 2005. Is it possible that this film is 6-years-old stock? The offer includes photographic paper, colour film, disposable cameras. I suppose they re-brand new production produced by somebody else by now.