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My (limited) experience is the reverse of this. A diffuser sends light in all directions. Outside, most of this gets lost and a reflector is better. A diffuser works inside as the scattered light can then bounce off of walls and ceilings and more of it will reach the subject.

I don't disagree about using a reflector outside, nice big umbrella if possible, anything that can increase the size of the source is a plus.

Inside where there are walls and ceilings to work with I like to give the light some direction and, for me, a diffuser gets in the way of that, it creates light that is too flat.

What I mean by that is that the problems with the flash shadow in direct flash is that 1- it's too sharp, and 2- it's normally not falling in a believable direction.

Tilt and swivel without the diffuser allows me to do things like bounce off the ceiling or a wall where there is already a light fixture.

The other big problem I see in the majority of direct flash shots is simply "too much", the main subject is just lit too brightly for the context.