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I just received a roll of Kodak HIE, Konica 750 and EFKE IR820 Aura. I will most likely purchase some Rollei Infrared 400 and Ilford SFX 200 and shoot a whole series of landscapes with pure infrared films, using only a Hoya Red 25A, Hoya Skylight, Hoya R72 Infrared filter and a circular polarizer.

Does anyone have any advice for any films listed? (ASA, filter combinations, filter compensation with stops, development with D-76, focusing adjustments, etc.) I have experience with EFKE IR820 Aura but I would like to hear what people with more experience have to say.

Thanks to all, your advice is truly appreciated!
Hi Christian (noticed this same question elsewhere)

What are you shooting with? Some cameras may fog your film.

You don't need the polarizer or skylight filter. The R72 will work with all the films, the red25 only with HIE. I would recommend starting with the Aura (and Rollei and SFX if you get them) to get a better handle on what infrared can do before shooting your one and only rolls of HIE and Konica.

By the way, do you know how old the HIE and Konica films are? How have they been stored (frozen)? They've both been discontinued for some time and are prone to fogging with age. I haven't had to deal with that issue yet (I have a couple of rolls of HIE left), but you may want to consider a different developer than D76 if you think you may have to deal with fog.

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