I received my Rollei Digibase C-41 kit a few days, and I shot a few test rolls of Fuji Superia 200 to try (and to practice) some different methods. I have not been processing before, so I lack a lot of knowledge.

I use a Paterson dev tank, and my first roll was developed at 37.8 deg C, using a water bath to keep the temperature. Next of was a roll at room temperature, which in this case was 25 deg C. I'm quite happy with the result, even though I think I should send a test roll to a pro lab to get a benchmark.

Then, I tried stand developing, mixing 5 ml devA, 5 ml devB, 5 ml devC, 0.5 ml starter with 275 ml water (the tank needs 290ml of working solution). Agitated the first minute and then let it stand for an hour, then following the ordinary process at 25 dec C. The result was interesting. My problem I have is that I don't know what's wrong with the photo. Is the film over- or underdeveloped?

The photos are direct from the scanner, without any post processing.