@MattKing: Thanks, I searched most films but some, like Konica, did not have much advice and it has been some time since people have discussed it since it was discontinued so long ago. (:

@pentaxuser: I will definitely pick up a copy of this book! I have a few books on Infrared Photography (Infrared Photography Handbook, Advanced Photography Handbook & Infrared Nude Photography.) They only had limited advice on HIE and Konica but a great background explanation on how the Infrared spectrum works.

@mooseontheloose: I use a Pentax K-1000 for 35mm and I never had a trouble with fogging when shooting infrared. I think I might use a Red 25A filter and then shoot the exact same scene with the R72 next. The HIE is dated October 2003, Konica is dated February 1993 and the EFKE is still fresh until 2012. They have all been kept frozen since purchase by original owner and myself. The only reason why I considered D-76 is because I have gallons of stock solution in storage and I found development times for all films but any suggestions are welcome. (:

@keithwms: I have used the bracket method with the EFKE only and found that using an R72 +5stops at ASA 200 brings great results. However I am not sure if I should apply this to all infrared films.