Hey folks. this is one of the most valuable posts i've read online in a long time!! You all are pretty awesome.

Most importantly :
Did anyone develop a technique for using the 250ml working solution in a 500ml tank? Not sure i totally understood what Rollei meant by saying you can use it twice.. with no agitation. do i let it sit for 1 min and then flip the tank upside-down for another min? seems weird. anyway, i'll do whatever.

More general help :
After purchasing the 500ml kit i realize that the tank i have is an AP Compact that needs 590ml working solution for 120mm and 650ml for 2x rolls of 35mm.

Freestlyle is closed tomorrow. Do you think i can get away with doing two rolls of 35mm with 500ml solution in a 650ml tank? Till i can get more of the chemicals....

I already pre-washed 1 roll of 35mm and so now its still in the tank and in the fridge. Is that film ruined? (its just test shots.) it will sit overnight till i can get to samy's to get some containers.

thanks for any help