I think the quietness Rachelle is perhaps the realisation that sadly there isn't enough significant interest in this. I might be wrong but I have a negative feeling in my gut. The numbers from the poll are very low in proportion to the size of Apug. 100 replies would be cut in half when the real commitment to submitting and buying started.

I've just read the thread again from start to finish and it actually made me chuckle quite a few times listening to all the ego's and opinions (including my own). Chiefs and Indians is the cliche that springs to mind. I think 2F/2F got it right in an earlier post (see #38) when he talked about a 'Czar'like figure taking control and bringing in some dictatorship !

If Lodima Press or any other high end publisher had announced they were looking for fine art photographers to be featured in a new book (BEFORE any idea was hatched here on Apug) my guess is that they'd have been flooded with submissions and probably a stunning book would have been produced. It still might happen but the obvious lack of interest from other forum members is really not surprising and I think I'm going to relax my enthusiasm in the project for now and see what goes. Sorry for the negativity and I admire the effort and optimism others have put into this. It comes from a passion for the medium and goes hand in hand with being creative and artistic. Something still might happen..... either a
POD book or Lodima are saying they're coming back with a quote so who knows.