I have, on several occasions submitted ideas about an APUG magazine with content decided by a rotating panel of editors, but largely self-generated by APUG content. "Self-generated" means that while there could be invited and/or invited articles, most content would come from images and insightful (or humorous) threads. This raises some copyright issues, but those could be cleared with all contributors in the standard way.

There are nice magazine templates into which someone could simply flow the content. The MAGNAchrom format seemed agreeable to many.

There is indeed a lot of great content generated on APUG, and although it's always great to see fresh content coming in, it's sad to see last week's material vanish into the tsunami of newer content that just keeps pouring in.

Let's be clear about how much effort it requires to do it right. I simply don't have time for it right now, I am working two full-time jobs in two cities and writing a textbook and moving house again, etc. I know several here who say they do have time, but then nothing seem to come of it. And it's a really bad idea for one person to take this upon him/herself; I have seen some really big disputes emerge over content and what constitutes analogue and can colour be mixed with b&w etc... it's just too much for one poor bloke to handle.

There needs to be an editor, a rotating panel of reviewers, and someone who can take approved content and shove it into the magazine template etc. This is at least a ~5 person task, to do it right. This is quite an undertaking, with a lot of hurdles along the way... even if the magazine or book only comes out every half year or so. Whoever joins the team should be clear that this would be a substantial donation of time.