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Except the F4 is an AF body.

F3 is the most modern manual focus and really nice to use, but the best is the F, unless you need TTL-OTF flash metering.
The price of an F- is ridiculous, especially if you want the plain prism. The metering heads are as heavy as all get out. If you already have an F or F2 consider yourself pretty lucky, I do.

Last night I was stumbling through Ken Rockwell's pages and came across a piece where Nikon apparently re-released the SP rangefinder in 2005(?) as an instant collectible. Like Leica does all the time. The F was pretty much an SP with a prism and mirror box so if Nikon still has the tooling for one...

Judging from the looks I get when I'm out shooting film, I'm just waiting for the (imagined) eventual consumer revolt against digital camera obsolescence. I'd buy an F-redux in a heartbeat if volumes kept the price in line, and it was purely mechanical, solely film and had the F's build quality. (It could also help the folks in Sensei if Nikon didn't farm it out to China.)