As many know, I'm back in the darkroom as of this weekend (!!!!) after a long hiatus while I moved states, finished college and found some work.

Well, I need to buy some paper soon and I wanted to get some thoughts from everyone. In the past, I used Ilford Multigrade Warmtone with pretty solid results, although I think I've somewhat moved more towards the neutral tone recently. Anywhoots, I want to be consistent as possible--no more chasing this and that for the perfect setup--rather, I'd like to commit to a product and get comfortable with it to reduce variables.

-I plan on using fiber for my portfolio and for any sort of framing...should I even bother with RC papers or should I just use fiber exclusively so I can learn it best?
-95% of my negatives are pyro-stained (PMK and Pyrocat) Acros 100, so has anyone found a paper that they like with that combo in particular? Not to emulate, but just some ideas?
-Any general recommendations for papers? I'm open to trying something new, but I'd like to here experiences. Warm-neutral tone is preferred, since I mostly do Southwest imagery.

Thanks guys