It's really up to you.... I use both RC and Fiber.

I recently went to a museum displaying journalistic photographs from 1980s and little earlier. It was amazing to see RC prints lasting 25 years with no degradations. 35 year prints showed some yellowing but not too bad. I'd be happy with this kind of performance. I have both framed here at home. For non-critical viewing, having them behind glass, they aren't that much different.

I like Ilford MGIV and use it for RC and FB. The neutral tone ones do not take brown tones very well. At best, they become slightly warmer. For most of my images, that works. Ilford WT paper gets really warm.

I'm sure you are going to get all kinds of ideas, recommendations, and opinions. My suggestion would be to start with RC and go though a pack or two, then re-evaluate your options. I don't know about you and your skill levels, but my first 200 sheets or so (after returning to darkroom after few decades), the quality issues/concerns weren't the paper or texture itself. It was ME.