It looks like my AE-1 needs the touch of a professional; at the end of a roll yesterday it seemed to get stuck in mid-shutter stroke. The mirror is up, but not physically stuck there---I can push it down, but it springs right back up again. The advance lever feels like it's already advanced, but the release button does nothing.

The old battery was apparently working fine until the failure, but the check button says it's way beyond dead (needle at f/22!). New battery passes the check but doesn't solve the problem.

The little black plastic collar around the shutter speed dial is slightly loose; I've read online that this may mean a piece of its footing has broken off and tangled with the winding mechanism. This sounds like it's above my pay grade to fix, so I'm in search of a competent repair service, ideally close to me as I'd like to avoid shipping the camera.

I know it's likely to cost more to fix than it would to get a new working body, but this particular camera has family history and should be kept in service.