thanks for the warm welcome! :-)

ok. got it. i will not attempt 2 rolls at once or a roll of 120 until i can get more chems from freestyle (monday).

oh regarding the stabilizer. i totally mistyped. sorry.
So i was planning to make a 500ml working solution; since that is the limit of my kit. they give you enough to make 500 ml of developer, bleach, fix, but only enough to make 250ml of stabilizer. I am looking at the bottle now it says Cont: 25ml. Thats enough to make 250ml working solution of stabilizer. 1 35mm roll in my AP compact tank takes a 375ml working solution of stabilizer according to their instructions.

So now to what Rollei was saying, does that address the (lack of?) stabilizer? So do i just make the 250ml working solution and "use it twice"? what does that mean? (this is why i assumed maybe let it sit for 1 min and then invert the tank for another min or something...)

I hope that was more clear this time. It was really late when i wrote that and i think i was loosing my marbles!