Every time I've come across an answer to this question, I've clipped it and saved for future reference. So I'm glad to finally be able to benefit from my labor! One item in my files reads:

The best and most durable gloss black in a spray-can that I've found for
a motorcycle is PJ1 Fast Black, which is billed (truthfully) as "Gloss
Black Porcelain Hard Epoxy Paint." It is applied without a primer and
takes many hours to dry, but it's MUCH harder than Krylon. I think they
also make a crinkle-paints and other colors than black.

I must admit I haven't tried PJ1 on a camera, but that is what I would
try if I decide to paint cameras in the future. Most subminis seem to
be aluminum, so it would be easy to find other aluminum objects to
practice spraying (and perhaps baking) techniques before trying them on a

And the other reads:

I have done some playing with paints. None I have found come close to
the factory toughness. Black nail polish makes a surprisingly good
touch-up for glossy paint. Xynolite Rust-Mate Epoxy is the best spray
paint I've found Pretty tough when baked. All of the paints I've used
improve quite a bit when baked. Of course, we have to prepare the
surfaces perfectly, and use a primer if it is called for.

I have no experience with either, unfortunately.