One paper that you definitely should try is Adox MCC 110 , I think it is called Adox Premium MCC 110 at Freestyle . I have very limited experience from Ilford MGWT but I regard Ilford MGIV as a top quality paper and still I think Adox MCC 110 is even a litle bit better. It is close to neutral but with a touch of warmth in the image tone with Dektol and similar developers. It is very close to the old Agfa MCC 111 but with a brighter white emulsion.
Also rember that Ilford Galerie is still made in grades 2 and 3 with the same outstanding quality as before.
What a situation to be able to choose between several excelent alternatives instead of of having to pick the least disastrous as we too often are forced to.
Good luck !