... was a failure

I tried printing a black and white slide of my (now deceased) golden retriever just a little while ago. It's a slide of her out in the snow.

The print was a test print, made in 5 second intervals

My process:

Develop in Dektol 1:2 for 2 minutes

5 minutes in potassium permanganate bleach

3 minutes in sodium metabisulfite clear bath


Re-exposeed about a foot away from a 100watt bare bulb for two minutes on each side of the paper

Redeveloped in dektol for 3 minutes

The print came out black. There was a lighter area where the dog was standing, but the rest of the frame was black (the rest of the frame was snow). The side with the less exposure was lighter, a dark grey, but still same phenomenon

I think this might be solarization from too much exposure during re-exposure. Any ideas?