I have to apologize: I will be late this round. I managed to send out three cards last week, but I won't be able to send the remaining cards on their way until tomorrow - one day after the deadline! At least I finished making, addressing, and stamping the cards on time (just a few minutes ago).

Also, I'm very sorry that I have been virtually silent in this thread. That doesn't mean that I haven't received any cards. Here's what the mailman has delivered so far:
semeuse's Jensen Beach: This is the only color print I have received so far this round. The colors look really cool!
Roger Thoms's Yard Office: I'm really impressed by the print. There is so much detail and the tonality is wonderful.
rst's Sunday Morning Findings: This is a really nice print. I quite like the matte paper. The image really reminds me of Germany. I think it's the pavement.
mooseontheloose's Tiger's Nest Monastery: I really like the composition.The slight flaring of the infrared film works extremely well for this image, I think.
Trond's Beach: I like the wide border of this card. I think it works very well with that piece of wood in the picture. Also, a beach is the perfect subject matter for a postcard.
hwv's Eiffel Tower: I quite like the composition with the lines in this image. I think this is a really good and very original take on the tower.
andrew.vartabedian's Trestle: I love the symmetry in the shot. It's a really neat photo. It's also making me want to use Rodinal again.

The quality of all the cards I have received so for is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the rest of them.