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It was always my favourite paper. Rich blacks for me, in Dektol.

I'm only getting back into enlarging again and would like today's knowledgeable practitioners (as Adams puts it) to recommend the closest paper to Brovira #3 and Brovira #6.
I agree that Brovira was a wonderful paper. I still have some 10 - 15 sheets left and I am desperatly looking for negatives that are good enough to print on them.
The old Ilford Ilfobrom was also a paper that could give very good prints with litle effort. It's too bad that my printing skill didn't quite match these papers when they were available.
As for today we still have some very good options and when I have used up whatever papers I have right now, my new paper selection would be as follows :

1. Adox MCC 110 in various sizes as my standad printing paper.
2. Ilford Galerie in 9 1/2 X 12 inch size , grade 2 and a litle moore of grade 3 . This is mainly for images that dont need extrem high or low contrast or split filter printing.
3. Some of the less expensive fiber papers in 9 1/2 X 12 size for contact sheets. There it's moore a question of whats available to you at a good price. It could be Foma, Slavish, Kentmere or some other brand.

I only choose fiber papers, even for contact sheets, both for the look and feeling of them and for simplifying my work flow ( developing-stop-fix1-fix2-rinse-HCA-final rinse-drying ).
It can also be noted that this spring the Australian/British journal Silvershotz in their volume 7 , edition 3 , named Adox MCC 110 the best silver gelatine printing paper of the year and they regard it as one of the best papers that they have tested during the last tventy years.

These are my 13 Swedish oere ( comparable to 2 cents at current exchange rate ).

Keep printing !!