Kodak High Speed Infra-red film and black filter (Hoya R72)

Latitude around 38

Clear sun summer 1/125 f/16

Clear sun winter 1/125 f/11

Cloudy bright 1/60 f/11

Overcast 1/30 f/11

Pretty much no need to bracket.

Use the filter up to the eye and use your hand to block out sunlight, scan the scene and you will see exactly where foliage or whatever is glowing, shoot.

I have shot 100 + rolls of Kodak HIE Infra-Red film using those parameters. I very rarely bracketed and have mostly good contact sheets of fairly constant exposures.

You cannot use any normal light meter to see if there is any Infra-Red around. You need to scan the scene as I mentioned.

I have about 15 rolls left in one of my freezers