In another forum (where I also publish my collection) came the question if I have comments on the quality of the different lenses. Sorry, but I dont have (yet). But I would like to offer the following:

If there are people around who would be able to write short comments and evaluations on M645-leses I could collect and summarize these. This could e.g. be done like in this:

If you own one or more M645 lenses (please write only about lenses you currently own or have owned yourself before, not somethink like "I have read somewhere, that ...") you could write a short comment (roughly 100 words) about the pro's and con's of this lens. Additionally there would be a set of properties which you could evaluate using points from 0 (horrible) to 10 (excellent). This comment you could send me by a personal message together with the exact type of the lens. I collect all the comments I get. If there are more then one for a certain type I will make a summary and generate the average point values for the lens.

If there are enough people adding information to this collection we would be able to get a quite realistic overview.

What are you thinking about that?
Please do not send comments yet. If the time has come I will post a kind of a form to fill in so we all follow the same system.