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Why use an alkaline stop? TF-5 is acidic! You can use an acid stop.

PE, shoot, I thought TF-5 was more on the neutral side. Maybe I should use TF4, or TF3?

The idea is to use an alkaline stop and keep the process neutral to alkaline. Apparently (although not necessarily conclusively, and I guess also depends on the developer and film), an acid stop can remove stain. The stain issue is not my biggest concern. What bothers me is how with some developers the formulators warn you not to use an acid stop or you can get reticulation. I know this has been discussed before, but is that kind of a warning overstating the case? In this particular instance I'm referring specifically to Formulary TD-3, which I assume to contain either Pyro or Catechol. While some developers tell you vaguely to use a water rinse instead of a stop bath, the instructions for this tell you never to use a stop bath with it or risk reticulation. Strange

So the question regarding TF5 was just because I want to make sure whatever fixer I might use for this particular process would be compatible with an alkaline stop.

Although now that I read your response to Holmburgers, I'm wondering if an alkaline stop is a good idea at all.