I picked up a beater Speed Graphic w/ focal plane shutter a while back. I've finally gotten around to playing with it.

Because it didn't come with a lens, I bought a dollar-store magnifying glass (approx. 3.25" diameter). With the magnifying glass' handle cut off, the lens takes up most of the lens/lens board area, so I have just taped it in place for now.

The problem is, I can't get it to focus on the Graphic's ground glass, no matter how close I get to an object, or how far away - all I get are blurry blobs of light (with varying degrees of blurriness when I try to focus or move closer or farther away).

The examples I've seen with people using magnifying glasses as lenses have all been 8x10 or larger - is it just that I need a smaller magnifying glass for 4x5?

Otherwise I'm confused, and open to suggestions