You are right of course, till now that has been my position.
I have been spoiled by Mike Chan of Eight Elm Photo, believe it or not he would deliver to my Lab within 4-8 hours of my call any darkroom consumables I neeed, that included Sat or Sun , as I am a 7 day a week printer. He is closing his business and I will lose this very valuable resource. I kept him active so he could stock and be confident the product would move and I got on demand service.
I have been considering scratch mixing for all my chems, yesterday I was out of hypo clear, so I went to the bookshelf and picked up Anchells cookbook, 200 g of sodium sulfite and water to working and I was good to go, rather than ripping the bag and mixing. So I got to thinking about the others. Dev I can pre mix in containers and just add water , Glacial acid and water both pretty simple.

Rapid fix formula looks a bit more time consuming. Not sure about selenium toner. To chemists this may seem like simple stuff but I am not a chemist. Therefore I am looking for a way of introducing a scratch rapid fix formula into my workflow.

I use so much of this stuff, I would hazard a guess of around 6-8 k for chemicals a year, mixing from scratch would cut that in half, but if it doubles my time then the savings are minimal , as time is money in a darkroom like mine.
Also I am finding paper and chems to be harder to find and get on time. I cannot blame the local warehousers who work with Harmon or Kodak . Contrary to what this site is all about , I feel we are on a knifes edge regarding availability.
The chain of purchase is dwindling and even if there are 50k members here on APUG , I really wonder what % actually order the product lines on a regular basis. I mean fresh product , not trying to scoop 5 year out dated product on the internet for a good price.

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My fixer, my only fixer, I make it from scratch - is Ilford Hypam. I only need two ingredients - Hypam and water.

How much easier can you get than that?

It's not the answer I bet you were hoping for, but why waste time not using easily obtained ( and great performing) products?

PS - I use Kodak Indicator Stop bath for printing as well...