Oh, rest assured that I use only a tiny part of what I buy for 'experimentation' before I mix the whole lot. For example, someone wanting to try my way without wasting material can buy the 10 liter size, then draw out only 5ml of A, 2.3ml of B, 5ml of C and make only 500ml of MY developer. If decided that this is 'not the way to go' he still has most of the unadulterated developer concentrates to mix per Kodak. Likewise, when testing either film or paper I do not check whole rolls or whole sheets, but only a tiny part: maybe an inch of the film or a 2" X 2" piece of paper. Same results; far less waste and cost.

I think that you would be very surprised to see what I can get out of Vericolor that 'expired' in 1983. (I also pick up pennies from sidewalks but never stiff waiters or cab drivers when I have to indulge in such: it is called 'frugality' vs 'cheapness'). - David Lyga