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So you are saying the bare bulb in a room effect , one flared out* D76* , one crystal clear*Pyro* is a placebo effect and not real.

I think I need an asprin, I have sold all this development based on this percieved effect.
No no. I mean silver does not migrate. That's only one effect. There are still other things that enhance accutance and value discrimination in the tanned negative, like less halation and irradiation, and a lower probability of infectious development. I'm just suggesting people not go nuts thinking a stained negative will show massively different highlights than a well exposed/processed negative using a non-staining developer. I'd also add if exposure is heavy with Pyro/Cat, which several people on this thread have said they prefer, the enhancements pretty much go out the window. Sandy King has written alot about this stuff in other forums etc. For what it's worth I've done alot of my own experiments.

I'm curious though about your flared-out D76 comment. Why does it have to be so? I agree there can be *slightly* more "bloom" around such objects with a sulfite developer than a staining developer, but the value differences and detail can be just as good, albeit harder to print in some cases. Can you explain?